Sekiranya anda menghantar emel ke saya dan anda tidak mendapat jawapan setelah itu, mohon di lihat 'spam' box anda...

it always happen when my kastemer sent me emel n it pop up at my spam not my inbox...

thank you... ^_0

Thursday, October 18, 2012

TuDung PaRis SuLam


untuk Tudung Paris Sulam...

all stok SOLD OUT

insyaAllah new stok will arrive soon in 2-3 weeks time...

sorry for any inconvenience ...

azz arhazza musir...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Alpha lipid SSD2

wanna reduce weight?

wanna look nice in photo?

wanna easily fit in clothes?

ask me how...!

im taking alpha lipid and now im a agent as well

feel free to ask me at 012 4493952 or

one tin - rm180

join us at rm70, u entitled to buy one tin at rm150

 if u wanna become a agent, pay rm70 and u entitled to buy

one tin- rm150, minimum buy 4 tin with rm70 as agent

total if join as agent rm670 for 4 tin, rm 70 for fees...

once u become and agent u entitled to get rebate rm4 each tin when u buy starter kit (4 tin)

currently im  62 kg from 70 kg within 2 months...!

oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh...

azz arhazza musir...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tudung Paris Sulam - 29


Tudung Paris Sulam Atas ( Tudung Bawal Crown)

Sulam Tangan

Dari Indonesia

rm50 without postage

hurrrry... stok for raya.......!

color might be slightly different from pic due to camera effect...

pink - diff design

shockin pink - real pic brighter -sold

maroon pink-sold
peach pink
light belacan - cantek!
light ungu
light ungu - diff design
ungu kelabu --sold
putih - 3 helai
putih - diff design- -sold
hitam- 3 helai
cream - diff design
kuning labu-sold
choc cadbury
choc kulit pokok
choc gold
bright orange
orange carrot
hijau pokok pisang
hijau tepung talam
biru kain sekolah menengah
light choc cream

azz arhazza musir...

feel free to sms me at 012 4493952 or

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tudung Paris Sulam-28

yeayyyyyyyyyyy... new stok da datang...!

Tudung Paris Sulam
Sulam atas
dari Indonesia
rm45, rm50, rm60 without postage depends on design...
kuning cair rm50 without postage -SOLD
hitam-rm50 without postage--SOLD
warna bata-rm50 without postage booked 070612
hitam-rm50 without postage--SOLD
kuning-rm50 without postage
warna  kunyit-rm50 without postage
warna ungu-rm50 without postage
warna ungu ke belacan -rm50 without postage--SOLD
putih gading rm50 without postage--SOLD
coklat ciku rm 50 without postage-sold

hijau kulit durian- color lighter than this -rm 50 without postage--SOLD
light grey- rm 50 without postage
light grey- rm50 without postage--SOLD
putih-rm50 without postage--SOLD
orange carrot- color brighter than this in real - rm50 without postage
yellow sunflower-rm50 without postage
coklat caramel rm50 without postage
off white-rm50 without postage

azz arhazza musir...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tudung Paris Sulam-27

Tudung Paris Sulam
Sulam atas
dari Indonesia
rm45, rm50, rm60 without postage depends on design...

ungu - rm 50 

orange- penutup sunquick- rm45 without postage
choc nescafe- rm 45 without postage
cream- rm 50 without postage

belacan- rm45 without postage

biru sekolah menengah rm45 wtihout postage- sold

azz arhazza musir